bare/not lives…

bare/not projects is a group of three wide-eyed and curious curators, brought together by a passion for art and telling people where that art should be placed. Dinea, Silvia and Kate met whilst matriculated at the highly regarded art college Central Saint Martin’s short course unit on a course run by the artist and curator Sarah Sparkes.

Silvia has lived and studied in Japan and Italy, Dinea has an M.A in Art History and has interned at Beaconsfield, Yinka Shonibare Space and the ICI and Kate has worked as a critic at largely writing silly jokes about serious exhibitions.

Somewhere behind that stone facade bare/not are forming earth-shaking ideas. Or possibly eating.


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  1. Diana Ali

    Some intriguing provocative art works. Some work could have been predictable but the visual quality is enticing enough for them to be enjoyed.

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