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bare/knot - purveyors of fine art and terrible puns

For our first exhibition, we wanted to select artists, a theme and location which caused an equal amount of controversy and intrigue, whilst creating a tasteful and socially aware show. Through a discussion which threw around such topics as sexuality, crafts, politics, furniture design, nudity, stereotypes, restriction, bondage, nature, gender divides and modernity, we realised that we didn’t want to play it safe and that big themes which impacted on the public piqued our interest. We wanted a theme which would encompass a wide variety of media and representation, engage the viewer’s attention as well as enlightening them about social mores; and create some fascinating visuals; therefore, restriction seemed to be the ideal theme. Choosing restriction as a theme gives our artists free reign to be as down and dirty or sharp and bitter as they like. It taps into a rich vein of expression, from the BDSM world of whips, chains and lengthy rope tying; to the devastating world of modern slavery; the cultural pigeonholing stereotypes support; imprisonment; disability; madness; and even the oppressive mundanity of modern urban life. In general exploring the constructs which disrupt and subjugate our ontological freedom to the moral, financial, social and physical rules by which we live.

Something of an ominous undertaking, but we have a roster of fantastic artists who share our enthusiasm, and a strong desire to get the show up and running. Our first choice of artists and venue are as follows:


  • Jo Young
  • Audrey Kawasaki
  • Vanessa Prager
  • Yinka Shonibare
  • Sarah Maple
  • Dorothy Yoon
  • Claire Amos
  • Ghada Amer
  • Kate Jenkins


  • narrow corridor or alleyway (so as to force the viewers to look at the work due to restriction of space)
  • a closed off tube escalator (so viewers are force to view work on the escalators and are forced to move up and down with the only two social spaces at the top or bottom)
  • a prison/ex-prison
  • a crypt




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