nipped in the bud


Dolce and Gabbana Corset

Perhaps one of the most literal symbols of oppression and restriction (since the burqa? Debatable). The corset is an enduring and controversial image of the subjection of the female body.  Although it’s tyranny ended in the late 1950s, the corset has come full circle and is now a staple of burlesque and strip acts, reclaiming the naturally curvy shape of the female body in a rail-thin world. Although still uncomfortable to wear, corsets, largely due to their hefty boning and delicate decoration, have become something of a objet d’art now that they are no longer daily attire. As such, it would be great to have one in the exhibition as a testament to the squished bosoms of yesteryear – the one above by Dolce and Gabbana is especially spectacular, not only because it was worn by Lady Gaga in the Paparazzi video, but because the metal it’s made from gives it a futuristic sci-fi look (that of Metropolis), an olde worlde suit of armour look and also complicates the philisophical attributes of a corset by being made in a literally impenetrable material, into basically a whole-body chastity belt. I’m considering contacting D&G’s press department to hire the corset for the opening night. Not to wear mind, but to have this piece on display would be the perfect embodiment of restriction and sexuality.


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