Jane and Louise Wilson

This was the first work I saw by Jane and Louise Wilson.  It was at the Guggenheim in Bilbao which was a museum I had dreamed of visiting for a long time.   I had no idea what to expect, there was small narrow corridor which led into large darkened room and two double screens like open books on each side of the room.  Then the film began and it was this extraordinary piece filmed in Star City in Russia, the place where the astronauts go to practice to go up into the heavens.  In this piece you do not really see the human form and definitely do not see the human face, what you see are the machines which are inhabited by human beings.  These machines whirr and spin, they immerge into water, they emerge out of it.   This is a piece about stillness and movement and I think about loneliness.  It is also about containment, restriction, constriction and beauty.  I have not watched this piece for a while, after doing my dissertation on it I needed a break but every now and then I remember the wonder of seeing this piece for the very first time, I remember sitting on the floor as the film began and drinking in every drop and wondering about the invisible human beings and their lives at Star City.


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