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Caged - Wontbackdown on Deviantart

With our course presentation fast approaching (our initial reason for starting this exhibition), we have decided on a working title for the show. We are using the Maya Angelou inspired title Caged Bird Sings for several reasons. Firstly, the book it references deals with issues of racism, stereotypes and themes of oppression; and secondly, I feel it conjures up a poetic image with a firm slant towards the female condition, which is something we want to examine in the show. It’s interesting to me, when researching this theme, the overwhelming amount of female artists who take on this topic; and the difference between the artwork men and women produce for this theme. It’s something I would definitely like to examine further in the run up to the show.

Anyways, I digress, we do have our working title, but we have heavily debated what the show should be called and it’s come down to two favourites, Caged Bird Sings and Silvia’s suggestion Read. Riot. Act, which is taken from the expression ‘to read the riot act’, which means to restrain and stop someone from engaging in behaviour. I’m going to put it to a poll, so that we can guage opinion for the show next year


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