Good karma, bad pop

With the double purpose of discovering other artists to involve in our current project and of marketing our exhibition, we joined an art-related network. So  now you can find us also on Artselector, a visual art directory that allows creative professionals to share images of their works and  get them viewed and commented by the other participants.

The reason why I love professional (art) online networks is because I like to think that the creative flux is a bit like the karma ,“what you give is what you get returned” ( sorry, I do enjoy quoting cheesy pop lyrics now and then), and I feel they help it flowing and circulating (inspiring, promoting, challenging…).

Only one contraindication: browsing through  artworks  is heavily addicting.

I already found a big number of artists I would love to work with, hopefully in a next future.At the top of my wish list is  definitely Stella O. (Orkopoulou).

In the specific,  “my Princess” has deeply struck the chords of my soul.

And because in my previous life I trained as a professional comic artist, I still have a residual “professional deformation” in visually referring artworks I love  to comics (and vice versa).

“My Princess” remembers me of the protagonist of “Sky Doll”, a comic series from Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa.  The graphic style of “Sky Doll” is manga-ish, but  it deals with quite adult themes, especially sex and religion, and  the search for identity.

And this last word brings us back to Stella Orkopoulou’s art. In fact, in the concept of identity lies the connection I feel between her artworks and our exhibition, because, as her works bring the visitor to question the identities and the feelings of the portrayed figures, similarly constrictions and limitations are some of the most powerful propellers for the individual to question himself  and to start the search of his true nature.


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