A bit of daydreaming…

As I was writing on one of the previous posts, one of our  reasons for entering a professional online network is publicising our work. We haven’t completed a detailed budget for our first exhibition (even if a draft is on its way), but  we are seriously considering to apply for some grants.

However,  attaining to the reality of the moment, we don’t have too much cash to spare; this means that everything we consider has to come with a cost the closest possible to zero.

Browsing through the internet (as usual!), I found a number of possibilities (some quite intriguing) to  market ourselves in an original way.

Obviously my top favorite one is absolutely out of our league, even if I’m still pondering on a way to do it for free (in the occurrence, I’d like to state in advance that the mysterious disappearance of one of these things and its fortuitous manifestation parked in front of my house are two completely unrelated events…)

Seriously speaking, what really has sparked my imagination is the opportunity of  advertising by using graffiti. We could create a “meta-exhibition” involving the local youths in this project,  giving them a free (and legally apt) space where to represent their points of views on constrictions, abuse, intolerance, the themes of the “Caged Bird Sings” project in short. If done in advance of our exhibit,  it would be not only beneficial to the community, but to us too, spreading the word of mouth locally… So I’ve send a message to the Camden Council to test the waters (and also, more realistically, to have some info on the small art grants); I know this is still a vague idea and surely quite complicated to realize, but I don’t see any harm in a bit of daydreaming!

Anyway, feet back on the ground!, we are obviously going to take full advantage of  new technologies for promoting our creative ideas; other than the blog you’re reading, Kate has also set up a Twitter and we are keen on link exchanges with other  artists/ curators/ collectors/ amateurs…  

So if you’d like to exchange links with us, just drop us a line…(or if at home you have  an unutilized hot air balloon you wouldn’t mind to lend us 😉 !)


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