Eye See Sound

MTV has graduated, and now it’s in the real world, it has to work hard for it’s money and it just doesn’t get as excited about stuff as it used to. It’s wondering if it should get a mortgage, move in with its long-term girlfriend, or give it all up and bum around the world. Either way, its tired, and music isn’t its number one priority anymore.

So what do you do if you want to discover new music, irreverent humour, new artists and a plethora of randomness all under one virtual roof? Here’s what you do…Eye See Sound is like MTV’s younger brother  and a comrade in arms of VBS, with mix tapes tailored to niche genres and live sessions, which keep you in the loop of London’s monstrously untamed and sprawling musical scene. Eye See Sound are a friend of bare/not’s, so please take some time to visit their website and find some clicky awesomeness on every page.


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