For teh kiddies…

Like TLC, bare/not ain’t never too proud to beg, and the time has come for us to shake our tin can and give you our most pathetic looks. Bare/not is a non-profit, non-commercial organisation as of yet, and we do what we do out of love. Unfortunately whilst love don’t cost a thing (let’s see how many of these I can crank in here…), putting on an exhibition has some overheads and we would be super super psyched if you could donate whatever you can afford towards our project, even if it’s just a penny.

Now, this isn’t a one-way street, for your cash, we promise to put on a fantastic show, keep the drink flowing, donate what we can to charidee (see post below) and do what we hope to do best…present some outstanding artwork in a great location…you dig. So, without further ado…sticks out bottom lip, puts on meekest whimper…please sir, can we have some more…


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