If we can get serious for a minute…

Stop the Traffik

With restriction as our theme, there are a some hefty issues at play in our artist’s work. From mental seclusion and political oppression to economic constraints. In addressing these, we want to go beyond the exhibition and make Caged Bird Sings an educational as well as aesthetic experience. Therefore, bare/not are reaching out to charities dealing with restriction in its various forms such as MIND, Anti-Slavery Organisation and Stop the Traffik; all fantastic organisations who deal with mental health and sex and human trafficking and we are thrilled to promote them on this site. It’s my personal belief that art has a responsibility to impact on the social and to make people aware of the bigger picture (if you’ll forgive the atrocious pun), by educating and inspiring. An artwork can condense pages and pages of complex theory into one striking image, which can have a profound and visceral affect on the viewer. If art is the product of intent and truth, then it’s important that it reveals something worthwhile, so if you can take a sec to check out these great organisations, bare/not will thank you muchly for it…


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