Domenico Bolano

Lives and works in Reggio di Calabria, Italy.  He is an architect and film maker who is interested in dealing with themes and problems concerned with the city and with architecture (if you have ever been to Reggio Calabria you will understand that the city offers a multi-tude of material in that regard) and the implications of this both socially and with regards to ethical values.  He prefers working as part of a group and in this exhibition he will be presenting a video piece in collaboration with Taciana Coimbra.  According to Prof. Arch. Dott. Gianpaolo Manfredini, Bolano’s work which includes “Passagio”, “Alta Velocita”, “Viddanedd” and “La danza del sangue” (dance of blood) “are video works which demonstrate both sensitivity and attention.  They aspire to that metaphorical quota of eternal expectation which is present in any attempt to reach the heights of that which is defined as art.”  Look forward to seeing Bolana’s work for the very first time on 15 April 2010.

La danza del sangue


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