Last but not least…

Only four days to go until Caged Bird Sings opens and in the pre-show tizzy we have scandalously overlooked two artists who have joined the project at a later stage. It’s great to have them both on board especially since they flesh out the dimensions of the exhibition with multi-media and photography sculpture pieces. So the final two puzzle pieces in this action packed project are:

Tom Lovelace

Tom Lovelace’s work is sparse and mysterious, showing slight yet seemingly impossible industrial feats, or landscapes made alien by erroneous elements. His photography displays the inherent ‘otherness’ of war or sci-fi cinema landscapes. A new dimension to his images will be explored by projecting his work in appose to employing printed work; Tom describes ‘the point at which the production of functionless objects and processes intersect with photography’ as fundamental to his work. He is bringing some of his ephemeral restraint to Caged Bird Sings with a projected image referencing imagination and suspension, contemplating objects/goals we cannot reach, but, forced to work within these limitations encouraged by supposing what could be.

Will Tribble and Tom Haines

Will Tribble and Tom Haines have created an interactive video piece which creates a sensation of voyeurism and claustrophobia, referencing 1984’s Big Brother and exposing the frameworks of a CCTV society.Alternately, the work questions our fame-obssessed, social networking culture where people implore the public to pay attention to them and look at them, but is this what we really want?

Will Tribble is a writer and filmmaker, you can see some of his films at


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