Opening night!

We did it, our first show is officially on, I almost can’t believe  it!

We have a lovely night, thank you so much to the people that helped us and the visitors that came over!

This is a post in progress, it’ll be updated tonight with more details but in the meanwhile I’ll leave you with a map of the crypt and all the contact info of our artists.

So if  you loved an artwork and wanted to know more about it but, oh no!, you forgot to take the artists’ card, not to worry!, here are our amazing artists, to which it goes  a massive thank you by us for their help and support.

Don’t forget to check out their works on their websites!

Proper post and pictures will follow tonight/ tomorrow.

1-18. Dorothy Yoon


2-3-9-21. James Roper


4. Luigi Menichelli


5-7-25. Antonio Pagani



6. Max Lamour


8. Taciana Coimbra


10. Will Tribble

Tom Haines


11. Eoghan Deane


12. Stella O


13.Paul Dawes


14.Reme Campos



15. Jo Young


16.Kika Nicolela


17.Hester Jones


19.Sarah Misselbrook


20.Daisy Mcmullan


22.Andrew Graves-Johnston


23.Alberto Torres Hernandez


24.Arturo Zavala Haag


26. Tom Lovelace


27. Klarita Pandolfi



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