The show in all it’s glory / Thank you!

Well bare/not much like Daisy pulled it off – the exhibition was incredibly well attended.  On the opening night there were around 300 people.  Amazing!! Big thanks to all our visitors.  Much love to all the artists, friends and family who supported us in our (especially just before the show) time of need.  And of course well done to us – for putting on such a fabulous exhibition and to still be talking about doing another show soon after.  I would say our one regret is that we were not able to have the exhibition on for longer.  I know there were a few people who would have loved to have come but were out of the country, out of the city or deep in projects themselves.  We hope our next show will be able to be on for much longer so you can get a chance to visit more than once if you really want to.

We are on a hiatus at the moment – regrouping, gathering our energies, replenishing our bank accounts, taking care of our individual selves – catching up with friends – and of course thinking about the next big thing.   We have a couple of exhibitions possibly lined up and also a big dream about taking Caged Bird Sings to Rome.  We think this could work really well – if you came to the show – tell us what you think – leave your comments.  Email us

Thank you for all your support.  We hope to see you at our next show

Bare/Not – Kate, Silvia and Dinea


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  1. Si! I agree – in the catacombs would be great – as somebody suggested to Kate I think…

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