When in Rome – The Maxxi

The brand spanking new piece of iconic architecture on the block is now open to the public – the latest museum of contemporary art to grace us with its presence.  I’d like to talk about the art inside….I’d like to but as I did not make it over to the grand opening on May 16 (sob), I will have to confine myself to mere photographs and concentrate on the building itself, which is a slice of curvaceous heaven, just what you would have expected from la Hadid.  I remember going to see the exhibition at the Design Museum and all those little things that make up her style are present, impossible angles, gliding science fictiony lilting grooves, as smooth as an oiled frog (one of those cute tree frogs with red eyes and long legs and that lovely shade of green) on a home made buttery lilly pad slide with a couple of sharp corners in case in you get complacent.  Now the question is.  Would there be time to put on an exhibition and take in a few sites too….hmmm


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