Nose back to the Grindstone…

Ned Kelly as imagined by Sidney Nolan - I never realised that most of his head was see-through, but it's a useful quality for an outlaw to have...

Bare/Not Projects (or at least one third of us) has briefly gone international. Yes, after a whirlwind two month trip during which I rocked up to galleries in Hong Kong, Sydney, Fiji and New York; working my way through calligraphic art, aboriginal art, Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly paintings, haggling over cannibal forks in Fijian markets and resisting the urge to run down the Guggenheim’s spiral walkways I have returned, fired up and ready to tackle our next project.

Bare/Not are planning to meet next week to discuss our upcoming projects, so watch out for some future posts with further details…


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