The Japan Matsuri hosts a Bare/Not member in disguise

Hi readers, how are you?

We are alive and well.Very busy and working on plans for our next shows (and for world domination, of course).

As usual my idea of sending a timely invite and to post about the latest news got delayed by  real life with its million tasks to do. So apologies in advance for the late communication.

Just to let you know that today, if you are around east London, at the Spitafield Markets there is an amazing Japanese festival going on. There are loads of programmed performances , an art exhibition, and of course many stalls selling Japanese foods and goods.

One third of the Bare/Not group , yours truly, was part of the decorating team and is there,  likely assisting in the origami workshop, so if you are around pop to say hi!

In respect of  very-traditional-blogging-style-giveaways, every reader of the Bare/ Not team blog turning up will receive a beautiful Japanese samurai helmet. Pocket size. Made out of paper. Made by me. Amazing deal, no?

Ok, no giveaways anymore.

Just come to have a look.  It’s gonna be fun-tastic!

See you there!



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