Back From the Crypt…

No a spirit hasn’t risen up from the grave.

Any excuse to bring this back

But an old friend of Bare/Not’s has made a reappearance in a new form. Artist, entrepreneur, Redgate Gallery curator, pint puller and jack of most trades, the lovely Daisy McMullan is going to be helping us with some of our upcoming shows in 2011, a consultant of sorts, if you will.

Yesterday Bare/Not congregated in the grand, er, cafeteria bench of the British Museum, to drink coffee and finally discuss future plans. Here’s a taster of what Bare/Not will be offering in 2011, in list form, because who doesn’t like lists:

Natalia Fabia - Electric Marshmallows for Real Eyes

James Roper - Devotion

  • East meets West. Frequent readers of our blog (we know you’re out there..) may be aware that one of our members is a fan of Japanese art and culture. Therefore, one of our projects will focus on Japanese art and cultural appropriation of Japanese culture. Focussing largely on the intricacy of Japanese craft, and decorative art, we may aim to link this with the Japanese Festival of Culture in Spitalfields next September.


Eric Storey - It's lovely down in the woods today.

Raquel Aparicio

  • Mythologies. A large, all-encompassing and as of yet mysterious project looking at themes of mythology in art. Think Nate Frizzell‘s Rabbit mask girls, think Chris Berens‘ porcelain wraiths, Jamie Martinez‘s star-spangled scenes and most likely something a bit ironic and meta like this.
  • House of Dreams. A project Bare/Not is very excited about. We’re aiming for a ‘what if Saatchi curated the ideal home show’ feel, with some evolving art, large and small scale installations and even some art you can get your mitts on for a negotiable fee. Intrigued? Enticed? Confused maybe? Eating a sandwich? You should be…

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