Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain…

Rainbows. Awesome aren’t they? Whilst in India earlier this year, and inspired by the vast spectrum of colour around us, my friend and I were inspired to get a full set of rainbow house pictures before we left, unfortunately that dream was left unfulfilled, and the elusive Indigo house mocked me in my night-time dreams. But then I realised that the world’s full of gaily painted maisonettes and there will be plenty more chances for me to complete the set. Perhaps this, or a childhood obssession with Rainbow Brite and Care Bears, is why I was so inspired by this favela project.

The immensely Dutch sounding Jeroen Koolhass (yes his surname does sound like ‘cool house’) and Dre Urhahn were part of the Koi fish staircase project are looking to paint a whole town, to inspire pride and strengthen the community of the favelas. There have been some concerns as to how beneficial this is for the people living there, as projects of this kind have failed due to lack of funding in the past. However, I strongly believe that this is the most positive and immediate way to use art as a communal force. True there are hints of Guy DeBord’s spectacle warning, that it will distract us from the real issue at hand, but as the painters are assured a decent wage, the surroundings are looking a lot brighter, and local people seem enthusiastic about the project it’s important that they can carry out their vision.

So, if you too, are inspired by this project, whether you want to help the people of the slums, or if you simply want to see the town become an enormous Kandinskian living artwork, you can donate money by going to this link.


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