Tricks are for kids?

Don’t try these tricks at home kiddies. Here at Bare/Not we support all forms of art, whether the brow is set high or low. So I’d like to take just a sec to talk about some friends of Bare/Not Projects who are tearing it up across the Atlantic.

(clockwise from top left) Kevin, Lorne, Manya and James, purveyors of dead-prostitute themed punk.

The Dead Tricks are a bunch of rag-tag rabble rousters who staggered in hammered from the mean streets of Brooklyn and Queens, to order five fingers of whiskey and then play like God created them with ADD fingers and no ear drums. Their music sounds like the world has just ended in a zombie apocalypse but people are still making out. A gruesomely awesome (grawsome? Did I just invent a word?) melange of Misfits inspired post-punk and tongue firmly in cheek humour, they’re currently trawling the dive bars of New York, but they’ll be recording soon and then will maybe come across the pond to bring some raucous noise to yer lugholes.

If you fancy jumping on this bandwagon, you can join their Facebook page here – or their Myspace page here.

And here’s a taster until they get on a boat and rock up Britannia’s shores:


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