That Ice Cream Factory’s been dead for 16 yeeeeaaaars…

It’s not Utrophia‘s fault that the scrap-filled entrance to their Deptford project space looks like the favourite tinkering ground of Buffalo Bill, or John Doe:


Not seen – the bodies of plucky young curators…

But then you remember that this used to be an ice cream factory, and nothing bad can happen where delicious ice cream was. Look there’s even a little caravan, and hand-drawn chalk signs, and art and even a framed picture of David Lynch…so what once was a yard of terror, confusion and possible chainsaw fights, becomes a hipstery Steptoe and Sons; and so you start to see it in the soft-focus, ‘utrophic’ light of Andrex commercials:


La la la la la laaaa

See, isn’t that better? The current show I Have This Strange Kind of Feeling and I Just Can’t Place it… (um, on until November 28th – so hurry) is an interesting mix of delicate photography and bold pattern work. Particular stand outs are Giulia Ricci‘s holographic, Bridget Riley-esque drawings, which are done by hand and look like soundscapes or genetic make-up, if seen through a funky kaleidoscope.


Giulia Ricci

Judith Lyons’ photography work also stands out with delicate forms in bright colours, floating serenely through negative space, like alien life forms or a Sainsbury’s bag caught under a lamp-post:

Judith Lyons - A Different Nature

Above all, the project space is a likeably quirky venture with a good mix of music, art and er, scrapheap, which involves tonnes of local projects and deserves some patronage. So stop by, brace the windy driveway, tip your hat to David Lynch and show them some love.


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